About the Club and our History

Taekwon Do is for everyone from age 7 to 87. The West Oxford Taekown-Do club is a very friendly club, it is affiliated to the IMASA nationally, and is run by Mr Chris Hall (3rd Dan).  Our form of sparring is semi-contact. That means we aim to demonstrate that a technique could have be delivered. We are not a full contact organisation.

Tae Kwon-Do was inaugurated on April 11th 1955 following extensive research and development by the founder, Major General Choi Hong Hi. It was introduced to the United Kingdom by Master Rhee Ki Ha in 1967.

Grand Master Hopwood (9th Dan) was one of Master Rhee's earliest black belts in the UK. Mr Hall trained with Grand Master Hopwood for many years and was his oldest remaining student at retirement.

Mr Hall has a PGCE, is CRB checked and West Oxford Taekwon-Do club has public liability insurance to £10,000,000.

Click here for Membership (Licence) application. Click here for the old style theory book (pdf version here) and here for the coloured belt patterns from Major General Choi Hong Hi's original text book (pdf version here).

Grandmaster Hopwood


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Grand Master Hopwood